Bella simply loves the taste of cum


Bella simply loves the taste of cum. She loves everything about it and gets full satisfaction making a man spurt. Bella brings up her skirt to show she isn’t wearing panties under her cocktail dress. Bella’s big globe tits pour from the top of the dress. First Bella worships the ballsack, softly sucking each sperm-filled ball. A view of Bella’s puckered hole and hard cock as shes uses her Ladyboy fingers to glide up and down the POV shaft. Bella’s mouth sweetly kisses the cock then laps at the asshole of the POV. The POV guys legs are high in the air giving Bella all the access she needs for pleasure. Bella pumps on the wet cock and rubs both her’s and the POV’s cocks together in frottage. The cock rubs against Bella’s tits and Bella goes back to her milking task. The combination of Bella’s stroking and mouth makes the POV’s cock start to cum. Bella loves the taste of cum and licks the load as it runs down the spent shaft. A fantastic handjob and rimjob combination.

Date: March 23, 2021

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