I saw Feya with some of her friends


I saw Feya with some of her friends, one of whom I already knew at the mall, so I messaged my friend and asked her to ask her friend to come over and sit down with me. From a distance I watched as my friend talked to Feya, pointed at me for a moment and then all of them seemed to let go of a giggle, after a few moments Feya stood up and walked over looking straight at me, I felt my balls sliding inside my scrotum as if they knew they had to get to work because I would need all they could produce perhaps sooner then expected. She sat down across from me and told me she would love to suck my cock and if it was ok we went to men’s room. My cock jumped up at an instant and I would have loved nothing more than to comply but I managed to control myself and take her to a room instead and record the whole thing for all of my friends here to see, watch Feya’s porn debut right here on LadyboyVice.

Date: March 23, 2021

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