Micky is the girl who doesn’t like to waste time


Micky is the girl who doesn’t like to waste time. She’s wearing a nice bikini but it stays on her too little to have any importance. Her slender sweet body undulates on the bed like it’s not even there, she looks like a horny teen eager to have a cock inside. She drops on her knees and starts rubbing my cock fast, maintaining eye contact and watching my every reaction. With a swift move, she takes the tip of my hard as a rock cock in her mouth, sliding her lips slowly towards the end of the shaft, to see how much she can fit. Her mouth is a bit small and can’t take it all, but she makes it so tight on her tongue, oh my god. Going from my balls up, she takes good care of my cock, slapping it on the tongue, kissing it and swallowing it a lot. That look filled with satisfaction on her face is priceless. I get up and let her suck my dick while I watch her playing with her dong, slowly and in the same rhythm as her mouth eats my cock. It can’t go any hard than this, I can break nuts with it right now. So it’s time for a nice tight ass gaping, with Micky bent over and prepared for a nice bareback cummy session. She spreads over and submits her ass to my cock. It doesn’t fit all in, but she wants it. She asks me to try and shove it until she can feel my balls on her balls. Wish came true, I’m fucking her ass so deep that I feel her dong slapping on my legs. Pulling it out, I see the beauty of a gap I left in her ass and she’s really happy about it. Back in! She gets on the bed where she plays with her cock a bit more, sucking my cock and then riding me back full throttle. I love seeing her dick flap like this and then her sucking my cock more. From behind, the view is even better, her ass is perfectly round! I spread her on the bed and ram her hole fast and hard, until I am close to cum. Like a good girl, she assumes the position and takes my load in her mouth, slowly letting it to slide out. What a gorgeous mess.

Date: March 27, 2021

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