When Hannah and I got to the room


When Hannah and I got to the room, and after she had agreed to do a hardcore video, she suddenly became hesitant. Basically when the lights came on. She asked me to tell her again what I wanted to do. The way her dick started increasing in size showed her mind said yes … but her mouth wasn’t sure yet. Luckily she listened to her throbbing cock in the end and did as all a favor. Hannah’s cute girly face and strong almost muscular body make for a very kinky androgyny experience. When she sucked me I saw a cute girl who almost made me explode in her mouth too soon. when she turned around and I entered her back passage I saw the tattooed back of a fit boy, and it again almost made me explode right away. It felt so wrong and good at the same time. Watch Hanna’s porn debut right here on LadyboyVice.

Date: March 23, 2021

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